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Volunteers Needed to Serve on RCMA Strategic Plan Work Groups

Dear RCMA Members:

Recently your Board of Councilors held its tri-annual Board Leadership Retreat to identify the Strategic Priorities for the RCMA for the next two years. DOWNLOAD REATREAT SUMMARY. Three top priorities were identified and we are now soliciting interest and expertise from our membership to help us attain these goals on behalf of our members.

Please consider volunteering to serve on one of three (3) workgroups that will be forming to address our Strategic Priorities. The Priorities are:

Priority #1: Assisting Members’ Practices in Transitioning to Value Based Care
This workgroup will help practices identify areas of improvement and provide strategies to increase efficiency, lower costs, prepare for risk-based contracts, use technology efficiently, design effective workflows, provide business training for physicians and staff and build effective teams.

Priority #2: Physician Wellness – “The Joy of Medicine”
The Physician Wellness Workgroup will collaborate with CMA on their new Statewide Wellness Program and develop local Riverside County programs and resources to support the local physician community including peer support groups, regional meetings/retreats, socials, community wellness/well-being committees, intervention best practices and work/life balance tools.

Priority #3: Membership
The Membership Workgroup will develop membership campaigns focused on different modes of practice, increase member engagement through the use of Podcasts/YouTube, local social group activities and identifying relevant educational programs to serve members and nonmembers,

To volunteer to serve on one of these workgroups, visit If you would like to read the Retreat Summary or more information on the Priorities please go to

We anticipate that each workgroup will meet via conference call 3-4 timers per year unless an in person meeting becomes necessary.

Thank you for volunteering and helping to guide the RCMA in continuing to develop programs and services to assist its members. Please feel free to call or email our Executive Director, Dolores Green, (951) 686-3342 or with any questions.

Best regards,

Raj Sindher, M.D.                 Frank Flowers, M.D.
President                              President-Elect

Social Media Tips for Medical Practices: A How-To Guide

The benefits of using social media in a medical practice are becoming increasingly recognized, which makes the pressure to get involved even greater. As medical practices become more and more sophisticated at using social media for knowledge sharing, marketing, and other forms of communication, those who fail to participate will fall behind. These social media tips for medical practices can help you get started.

RCMA's Free Saving Private Practice Consortium 8/18/2018 Murrieta

All physicians and their practice administrators are invited to get the help they need to survive and thrive in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Free 15 minute personal one-on-one consultations will be scheduled with RCMA/CMA subject matter experts and industry experts serving the local physician community. This is a great opportunity for physicians to get their questions answered, problems solved, and explore resources that can help doctors continue caring for their patients irregardless of their mode of practice.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Janus Norman, Senior Vice President, CMA Centers for Government Relations & Political Operations

Download Flyer                              RSVP Online


  • All Practice & Personal Insurance
  • Billing & Collections
  • EHR & HIE Implementation
  • Estate Planning & Asset Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Support
  • Malpractice Risk Management
  • Medi-Cal & Medicare
  • Office Staffing
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Payor Contracting
  • Payor Advocacy
  • Payor Reimbursement Support
  • Physician Employment Contracting
  • Physician Recruitment
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Cost Reduction
  • Strategic Planning


    California Medical Association Center for Economic Services
    Areas of Consultation: Practice Management, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Payor Contracting, Denied Claims
    CMA’s Center for Economic Services (CES) is staffed with practice management experts with over 125 years in medical practice operations experience. With the combined strength of all the departments of the CMA, CES is able to empower physician practices by providing resources and guidance to improve the success of the practice. Assistance ranges from coaching and education to direct intervention with payors or regulators.
    CMA CES experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include:
      Cheryl Bradley, Associate Director - Medicare
      Kris Mark, Associate Director - Medi-Cal & Contracting
      Mitzi Young, Physician Advocate - Practice Management & Denied Claims

    Inland Empire Health Information Organization (IEHIO)
    Areas of Consultation: HIE Connections, EHR Implementation, EHR Workflow & Documentation
    IEHIO is a non-profit grass-roots organization providing linkage between healthcare stakeholders in the Inland Empire and Manifest MedEX, California’s HIE. IEHIO goals are to coordinate data sharing services not only for treatment at the point of care, but also for care management and population health analytics specific to participant needs and programs; while promoting a community-wide data-sharing model that improves healthcare for all residents of the Inland Empire.
    IEHIO experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Stacy Proctor, IEHIO, Program Director & Cardelia Reid, RN, MSN, MBA, IEHIO Clinical Informatics Director.

    Areas of Consultation: Reducing Practice Costs, Purchasing
    Intalare is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) with more 35,000 physicians offices and clinics as clients nationwide who trust Intalare to provide the products and services they need most at the best possible price! By aggregating purchasing volume as a group practices can leverage superior pricing and save money on everything a physician practice buys.
    Intalare experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Jennifer Brons, Intalare, Account Manager

    MediQuest Staffing
    Areas of Consultation: Office Staffing (Hiring, Interviewing, Salary Surveys, Retention Strategies, Difficult Employees, etc.)
    MediQuest Staffing matches high-quality healthcare professionals with fully screened, talented medical support staff such as front and back office MAs, billers, coders, medical collections, and practice managers to name just a few.
    MediQuest experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Rachael McGarvey, MediQuest, Regional Service & Delivery Manager

    Mercer Health & Benefits Insurance Services, LLC
    Areas of Consultation: Practice Insurance & Personal Insurances
    RCMA’s endorsed Business Partner Mercer provides information to make informed decisions with your needs in mind. Available programs include: Workers’ Compensation, Individual and Small-Group Health insurance, Cyber Liability, Life, Disability, Business Owners Policies, Long-Term Care and more.
    Mercer experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Liz Fogle, Mercer, Relationship Manager

    NetServe Systems, Inc.
    Areas of Consultation: IT, Cloud Services, HIPAA, Network/Security Risk Assessments, Technical Consultations
    NetServe Systems is a comprehensive one-stop IT solution for medical offices handling ALL your IT needs.
    NetServe Systems experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Abdi Ahmed, NetServe Systems, CEO

    NORCAL Group
    Areas of Consultation:
    Medical Professional Liability Insurance, Risk Management
    As RCMA’s endorsed partner, NORCAL Group has over 32,000 insureds including physicians, medical groups, clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities. NORCAL continually strives to remain true to their history and values, and to maintain their singular focus on protecting their policyholders’ careers and professional reputations while supporting the delivery of safe, quality patient care.
    NORCAL Group experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include:
    Bradford S. Dunkin, MHA, NORCAL Group, Sr. Risk Management Specialist & Belinda Ramon, NORCAL Group, Regional Business Development Representative

    RCMA Physician Workforce Development
    Areas of Consultation:
    Physician & Mid-Level Provider Recruitment and Resources

    RCMA is committed to addressing the physician shortage in Inland Southern California and RCMA’s Physician Recruitment Development Director is available to meet with you and provide additional help and resources to help you hire an associate.
    RCMA experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include:
    Sonya Jackson, RCMA, Physician Workforce Development Director

    Thakur Law Firm, APC
    Areas of Consultation:
    Healthcare Law, Employment Law, Business &Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Estate Planning & Asset Protection
    Thakur Law Firm is a full service law firm with expertise in Health Care Law, Business & Employment Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Tax Law and Litigation. Thakur Law Firm, APC is a full service law firm with expertise in Health Care Law, Business & Employment Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Tax Law and Litigation.
    Thakur Law Firm experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Pamela Thakur, Esq., Jas Sondh, Esq. & Ash Dudheker, Esq.

    Universal Financial Systems
    Areas of Consultation:
    Medical Billing & Collections
    Universal Financial Systems (UFS) is a Southern California based financial services company specializing in medical billing & collections, consumer & commercial collections, litigation & judgment collections, accounting services and general business consulting.
    UFS experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: George Christidis, UFS, COO

    Zymeda Provider Solutions
    Areas of Consultation:
    Practice Management, Strategic Planning, Payor Contracting, Billing Zymeda Provider Solutions is a full service practice management partner offering services in strategic planning, operational process improvement, billing, medical practice staffing and training, benefit administration and managed care operations.
    Zymeda experts onsite at Saving Private Practice include: Helene Beilman-Werner, Zymeda, CEO & Pam Geukens, Zymeda, Director of Operations

    Medical Assistant Survey

    RCMA is collaborating with Moreno Valley College to revise their Medical Assisting program. The goal is to create a program that will not only meet the national accreditation standards but to serve the needs of the physicians/clinics in the Inland Empire. We want our students to be a valuable asset to your office.  

    In order to do this, we would greatly appreciate your assistance by completing the Medical Assisting Skills Survey. In doing so, you will ensure that we design a program that will be beneficial to the students and relevant to the needs of your office.  
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to complete the survey. Your input is greatly appreciated. 

    2016 RCMA Annual Report

    2016 RCMA Annual Outstanding Contribution Awards

    CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: The RCMA is soliciting nominations to recognize and honor deserving individuals for the 2016 Annual Outstanding Contributions Awards. Nominations will be screened by the Awards Committee, with final selection determined by the Board of Councilors. The awards will be presented at the RCMA Installation of Officers Dinner on Friday, January 27, 2017.

    Make A Nomination



    • Outstanding Contribution to Organized Medicine: Presented to a RCMA member who through his/her constant support and perpetual service has advanced and achieved the goals of organized medicine.
    • Outstanding Contribution to Medicine: Presented to a RCMA member who has displayed dedication to the advancement and improvement of the medical profession through his/her tireless efforts, innovative ideas and commitment to excellence.
    • Outstanding Contribution to the Medical Association and Its Goals: Presented to a RCMA member who has exhibited long-standing dedication and service to the RCMA over and above that expected by the membership-at-large.
    • Outstanding Contribution to the Community: Presented to a physician or lay person who has exhibited sustained interest and participation in one or more medicine-related activities which has benefited the members of his/her community.

    Make A Nomination

    RCMA Leadership Retreat Strategic Priorities Summary


    Membership in RCMA drives and supports all priorities

    RCMA Member Work Groups Now Forming.  Volunteer at:

    PRIORITY #1: Physician recruitment and retention in Riverside County

    What Makes Riverside County “THE” Place To Practice
       • Multi-faceted marketing campaign – which could
           o Identify Stakeholders in increasing doctors, health
              needs as well as economic impact (Riv. Co. EDD;
              Chambers, Hospitals, Medical Schools, Groups/IPAs, Clinics, Corporation,
              Health Plans, IEHP, Cities and County of Riverside)
           o Showcase Riverside County communities
              - 45 minutes to beaches, desert, mountains; Low Cost
                 of Living; Housing & Education; Plenty of opportunity to
                 build practice/patients
           o Showcase different models of practice opportunities in
              Riv. Co. using local RCMA physicians
           o Recruitment business partners
           o Focus groups of new docs – what did it take to get them
              to Riv. Co.
           o Focus groups of potential new docs – what would it take
               to come to Riv. Co.
           o Sustainability of doctors in community
           o Develop what a “package” would look like for the smaller
               physician practices needing to recruit
            o Recruitment Fairs for Residents and New Doctors
               - In person and virtual
               - Go to them, i.e. peer to peer (Young Physicians to Residents;
                    colleagues, friends, family; use CMA and AMA RSS and YPS Sections
            o Open Houses by local physicians/medical groups
            o RCMA develop a “” type of service using
               overall showcase of Riv.Co with links to doctors/groups
               hiring to highlight their organization
                dynamic with secured
                access to update regularly
            o Social Media: videos, u-tubes, email, etc
       • Survey existing RCMA/Non-Members on need for
          physicians in next 1 yr & 3-5 yrs
        • Develop innovative ideas in funding new doctors
        • Increase funding in RCMA’s Medical Student Scholarship
           Program and expand to Residents/New Physicians

        • Increase physician revenue

    Community based residency training
        • Increase number of residency trainings
        • Increase funding for residency programs
        • Job Fairs for residents
        • Provide economic incentives to stay

       • Create new physician mentoring program to help
          attachment to area
       • Develop more “social” mentoring programs to engage and
          make Residents & Interns want to stay in Riverside County.

    PRIORITY #2: Addressing physician burnout and discontent

    Burnout and discontent is in every mode of practice

    How can RCMA Help and Provide Resources?

    Practice redesign and innovation
       • Help with practice transformation
       • Identify and educate on new models of medicine
       • Identify creative ways of using extenders(ACPs)
         o Physician productivity – practice at top of license
         o Use of ACPs in hospitals-obstacles to overcome
         o Tools for utilizing staff at top of expertise/license
         o Reengineering staff to assist physicians
         o Identify Best Practices & Benchmarks
       • Physician and patient expectation management
       • Identifying physician burnout intervention methods
       • Tools for managing work and personal lifestyle, stress and
       • Provide coaching programs for increasing medical practice

    EMR Burden
       • Improving efficiency
       • Analyzing EMR tools and best practices
       • Work with top 10 EMR systems to provide additional trainings
          on best use of system (Kaiser model)
       • Trainings on Voice Recognition Tools (i.e. Dragon Speak)
       • EMR workplace balance training
       • Develop Scribe program offering
       • Improve office workflow

    Secondary Priorities as part of RCMA ongoing activities/expertise
    1. Co-opetition – RCMA serves as conveyer

         • HealthSystem Collaborative (City of Riverside)

    2. Continue to encourage participation in IEHIE

         • Physician Champions to assist IEHIE in bringing on more
            hospitals and provider entities

    3. Education on Implications of MACRA – Medicare Access
        and CHIP Re-Authorization Act

    Call For Nominations: 2015 RCMA Annual Outstanding Contribution Awards

    The RCMA is soliciting nominations to recognize and honor deserving individuals for the 2015 Annual Outstanding Contribution Awards.

    Nominations will be screened by the Awards Committee, with final selection determined by the Board of Councilors. The awards will be presented at the RCMA Installation of Officers Dinner on Friday, January 29, 2016.



    • Outstanding Contribution to Organized Medicine - Presented to a member who through his/her constant support and perpetual service has advanced and achieved the goals of organized medicine.
    • Outstanding Contribution to Medicine - Presented to a member who has displayed dedication to the advancement and improvement of the medical profession through his/her tireless efforts, innovative ideas, and commitment to excellence.
    • Outstanding Contribution to the Medical Association and Its Goals - Presented to a member who has exhibited long-standing dedication and service to the RCMA over and above that expected by the membership-at-large.
    • Outstanding Contribution to the Community - Presented to a physician or lay person who has exhibited sustained interest and participation in one or more medicine-related activities which has benefited the members of his/her community.
    If you would like to nominate someone for an award please use the link below to download the Nomination Form or email Bianca Scarborough at

    It's Finally Over! The Medicare SGR is Dead!


    After a decade of battling, the U.S. Senate, in a whopping vote of 92-8, passed H.R. 2, the monumental, bipartisan Medicare SGR Payment Reform and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act. Both California Senators Feinstein and Boxer voted in the affirmative. Two weeks earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted the legislation in a landslide vote of 392-37. This was a rare, bipartisan achievement in a deeply divided Congress. RCMA, CMA, AMA and more than 780 state and national physician organizations supported the bill. In 2013, the policy was jointly developed on a bipartisan basis by the three House and Senate health committees. This year, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are credited with negotiating the final budget offsets to fund the SGR bill.

    RCMA/CMA extends a sincere thank you to all physicians for the extraordinary campaign this last decade to end the SGR. We have kept up the fight these last two years to hold Congress’ feet to the fire to develop a comprehensive bill to reform Medicare physician payments. The unity within organized medicine finally put this over the finish line. Moreover, 52 out of 54 Members of the California Congressional delegation voted to support physicians. This is an incredible achievement in one of the most dysfunctional Congresses in history.


    While H.R. 2 is far from perfect, it represents a significant improvement over the current Medicare program which mandates penalties up to 13% in the coming years with no opportunities for payment updates or bonuses. This bill consolidates the burdensome reporting programs and reinstates significant bonus payments. By repealing the SGR and providing annual updates, it provides stability to physician practices that allows for longer term planning. Significantly, it allows physicians to design new payment systems that work for physicians and patients instead of government bureaucrats. And it mandates physician involvement in defining and developing quality measures. Moreover, once the costly SGR is repealed, it will be much easier for physicians to work with Congress to make improvements to the payment system (such as increasing the annual update) at a lesser cost. The enormous cost of the SGR has been a barrier to making any improvements.

    Note that Medicare should begin processing claims today for services provided in April at the rates that were effective before the 21 percent cut was scheduled to take effect. Under the provisions of H.R. 2, the fee schedule conversion factor will be increased by 0.5 percent on July 1, 2015, and by another 0.5 percent on January 1, 2016.

    Remembering Paul Green

    RCMA’s Executive Director Dolores Green lost her husband Paul on March 9th after a brave and valiant fight with Multiple Myeloma. Paul Green was a gentle man and kind soul to all who knew him. A Celebration of Paul's Life will be held on Saturday, March 21st at 3:00pm at the Home of Alonso and Debbie Ojeda, 6910 Sandtrack, Riverside.

    Download Announcement

    Paul was born at March Air Force Base on February 29, 1952. He graduated from Moreno Valley High School in 1970 and after 30 years working in the manufacturing field, he pursued his passion and became an interior designer where he spent the last 15 years of his life helping others bring beauty to their homes.

    Paul leaves his loving memories to be cherished by his wife of 29 years, Dolores; sons Christopher Green and Craig Spinnato; and the sparkle of his eye, Granddaughter, London Raine Green. Paul also leaves behind his daughters, Rochelle, Sara and Allison and son, Ariel; as well as his beloved brother David Green, in-laws Gary and Dorothy Cummings and numerous brothers-in laws, sisters in-laws, nieces and nephews. Paul was preceded in death by his father and mother, Paul and Hoyt (Bea) Green.

    Memorial contributions may be made to the Muscular Dystrophy Association at

    I Need News & Information


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