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Inland So Cal Medicine: RCMA has a semi-monthly newsletter delivered via fax and email with up-to-the-minute news relevant to your practice.

RCMA Annual Pictorial Membership Directory: Every July the RCMA publishes a member directory.  Not only is your information included, but it is filled with useful information to help your practice.

Get more information on any of the below publications

CMA Alert Newsletter: CMA’s bi-weekly e-newsletter provides up-to-date information on many issues of critical importance to California physicians.

CMA Practice Resources:  CMA Practice Resources (CPR) is a monthly bulletin from the California Medical Association’s Center for Economic Services. This bulletin is full of tips and tools to assist physicians and their office staff improving practice efficiency and viability.

CMA’s Legislative Hot List: CMA’s Legislative Hot List, distributed weekly during the legislative session, follows the progress of CMA-sponsored bills and other bills of interest to physicians as they move through the legislative process.

CMA’s In the News: CMA’s daily news roundup, “In the News” provides a quick but meaningful overview of the day’s health care news.

CMA Capitol Insight: CMA Capitol Insight is a biweekly column by veteran journalist Greg Lucas, reporting on the inner workings of the state Legislature.

Legal Case List:  CMA’s Center for Legal Affairs publishes the Legal Case List once a month. The Case List provides a summary and the current status of litigation in which CMA is a party or has filed a brief as amicus curiae.

Legislative Hot List:  CMA's Center for Government Relations publishes the Legislative Hot List weekly during the legislative session. The Hot List provides a summary and the current status of CMA-sponsored bills, as well as the progress of other significant legislation.

Regulations Quick List:  CMA’s Center for Medical and Regulatory Policy publishes the Regulations Quick List once a month. The Quick List provides summaries and status updates on various regulations being tracked by CMA.

CMA Press Clips:  Get daily reports on health care policy and medicine from newspapers and magazines throughout California and around the nation delivered to you by e-mail.

OMSS Advocate: CMA’s quarterly newsletter that provides CMA-OMSS member medical staffs with updates on current events and issues.

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