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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is comprised of previous award recipients who meet on an annual basis to select outstanding members in the areas of Organized Medicine and service to the RCMA. The awards are presented at the January Installation of Officers meeting.  Make a nomination to this committee

Child, Adolescent & Maternal Health Committee

The Child, Adolescent and Maternal Health Committee is comprised of Pediatricians, School Administrators and School Nurses who meet regularly to address current issues affecting school-age children, and to review medical policies and procedures at the school level. The Committee meets quarterly.  Make a nomination to this committee

Continuing Medical Education Committee

The RCMA is a California Medical Association-accredited provider for Continuing Medical Education (CME). The CME Committee meets quarterly to ensure quality CME programs are provided which follow the standards and guidelines required. Make a nomination to this committee

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee meets six times per year, prior to each Board of Councilors meeting, to review applicants for membership to the RCMA. The President-Elect chairs this committee. Make a nomination to this committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the current officers of the RCMA with the current President serving as Chair, and meets on an as-needed basis.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The RCMA Secretary-Treasurer serves as Chair of the committee, and the President-Elect serves on the committee along with other members. Make a nomination to this committee

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee continuously monitors the political climate. Members interview local politicians and political candidates to ascertain their positions on key medical issues, and support those who reflect compatible views. The Legislative Committee meets on an as-needed basis. Make a nomination to this committee

Past Presidents' Forum

The Past President's Forum was established to tap in to the talent, resources, experience and wisdom of the Past Presidents as a support to the RCMA. This is a response of the presidents to give back and support the RCMA for all the benefits they have received over the years. This group meets quarterly at different hospitals throughout the county.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee meets at least 1 time per year and is charged with reviewing/updating qualifications for the Riverside County Physicians Memorial Foundation Medical Student Scholarship Fund, providing input on materials, establishing new scholarship criteria and selecting scholarship recipients and evaluating applicants and award scholarships that will be presented at the RCMA Fall Association Meeting and Medical School Scholarship Fundraiser. Make a nomination to this committee

View 2018 Committee Members